Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Testing Out: SimplyBakings' 5 Ingredient Monkey Bread

At my boyfriend's request, I made monkey bread. I was drawn by the "only 5 ingredients" part of the title of SimplyBakings' youtube video so I clicked on it. The less ingredients I have to buy/use the better.

Here's the link to the directions and how it looks through the Youtuber's pictures:

Alright let's break down the 5 ingredients plus 1 bundt baking pan (and added in optional walnuts) cost wise:

  1. 2 cans of Pillsbury Grand Flaky Biscuits (about $3 for 2 cans at Walmart give or take a few cents)
    • NOTE: 2 Cans makes a FULL bundt pan. If you're making it for just yourself, use only 1 can. I used 2 cans and even that is more than both my boyfriend and I need
  2. 1 stick butter ($4.28 for a box of 4, therefore $1.07 for one stick)
  3. 1 cup brown sugar ($1.58 for a bag, therefore 40cents)
  4. 1 cup white sugar ($2.58 for a 5lb bag, therefore 26cents)
  5. 2 TSP cinnamon ($2.50 for a bottle, therefore 35 cents)
  6. OPTIONAL: 1/2 cup Walnuts ($7.48 for a 16oz bag, therefore $1.90)
  7. Bundt pan $7.xx

GRAND TOTAL: $6.98 WITHOUT Bundt Pan, $13.98 WITH Bundt Pan

Honestly, I think I miscalculated the cinnamon but I did the math after converting grams to cups etc, so things may be slightly off, give or take a dollar. But overall, this isn't nearly as cheap as I thought it'd be, but really, this yields a LOT of dessert, enough for a small gathering with some friends. 

Here are the pictures:

 photo IMG_20141103_125536_zpsa0a5116d.jpg
This is an in progress picture. I'm layering the quartered biscuits that are covered in the white sugar and cinnamon along with walnuts

 photo IMG_20141103_133439_zps1d5ad5c2.jpg
This is immediately after it has been baked (with the butter and brown sugar sauce)

 photo IMG_20141103_134723_zpsfb485cae.jpg
Finally, this is the monkey bread after it has been turned over. Yes, that is one missing bread on the top left corner because I ate it hehe


First of all, directions stated to bake at 350 F for 40 minutes, but mine was done in 30 minutes, so watch out at the 30 minute mark in case your oven is similar to mine. 30 minutes perfectly cooked this thoroughly.

So basically this monkey bread tastes like cinnamon rolls. There's no other explanation. Except, you just don't have the icing. It's moist and tasty, but again, EXACTLY like cinnamon rolls. So depending on whether you like or hate cinnamon rolls, you should either make this immediately or steer clear from it haha.

This was incredibly easy to make, as shown in the video. I didn't have a giant ziplock bag so I substituted with a food container to put in the white sugar and cinnamon to shake on the mixture onto the biscuit quarters.

This is also extremely unhealthy, as you probably could already tell. Pillsbury's website on a similar recipe to this monkey bread recipe says it is 450 calories for 1/12 (yes you read that right, a small one twelve) of the Bundt pan's worth of monkey bread. So please be aware of how fattening this really is before you inhale the entire serving.

Will I be making this again sometime in the distant future? Yes. But I won't make it often because of how fattening it is but it sure is a nice treat! Maybe I might make it for thanksgiving. Who knows. But overall this is great if you don't feel like making cinnamon rolls. This seems easier.

Alright, see you guys in my next post!

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