Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Already Tested: Budget Bytes' Kung Pao Chicken (with Vegetables)

Despite me being Vietnamese, or in other words, Asian, I still love me some Americanized Chinese food. Kung Pao Chicken being one of them (General Tso's being my favorite).

Here is the link to the website I got this recipe from:

I won't be breaking down the cost of this because Budget Bytes already does that for all their recipes, which makes it easy on me!

This portion will run you $1.82 per serving, according to Budget Bytes and I don't think that includes rice which shouldn't really cost that much anyway.

The only thing I modified in this recipe is that I only used broccoli for the vegetables and then added WAY too much pepper flakes. Oh, forgot one last thing, I used red onions because I didn't have any green onions on hand, but hey, at least they're still onions.

Here are the pictures:

 photo IMG_8307_zps04b00c2b.jpg
Here it is cooking in my pan

 photo IMG_8308_zps2aafff1c.jpg
Sorry for the blurry photo! But this is the finished product on a plate.


First of all, let me preface this that I added WAY too many pepper flakes! I didn't follow the recommended amount of pepper flakes so this turned out too spicy.

HOWEVER, that did not take away too much from how delicious this was AND how similar it tastes to most Americanized Chinese restaurants. I've tasted better, sure, but this was darn close! Kudos to Budget Bytes for a good recipe for the sauce which really is the main point of this recipe.

I didn't quite understand why I needed to coat the chicken in the eggs beforehand but I did it anyway. But I have a feeling it's to help the sauce coat and stick onto the chicken.

I know I don't have much to say about this, but it's really plain and simple. It's tasty and VERY close to an Americanized Chinese restaurant at a fraction of the cost and very easy to make too. Just don't put a bunch of pepper flakes like I did unless you're into a super spicy flavor.

Alright, til next time!

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