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BEFORE YOU BUY REVIEW: thinkThin Salted Caramel Lean Protein & Fiber Bar

Just to say as a disclaimer before you think I'm some kind of expert doing this review: I am just an amateur cook and an average person stating my opinion about this bar. I'm no nutritionist and cannot talk about the heath details of this. I'm just speaking from the point of view from someone who was curious of these bars by seeing them recommended on the

Having said that, lets get on with the review and what I have to say.

Here's the link to thinkThin's website for this particular bar flavor:

They claim and say:

Bite into smooth caramel covered in dark chocolate, with a crispy salty finish.
A dreamy experience at 150 calories


At only 150 calories, thinkThin Lean Protein & Fiber™ bars deliver the perfect balance of 10g of protein and 5g of fiber to give you energy and help keep you full and satisfied.

So let's address everything they said.

  • Smooth caramel: You will NOT be getting actual caramel as shown in my picture below
  • Dark chocolate: This thinly coats the bar but doesn't add any chocolate flavor that I can taste. I honestly think the chocolate is just to coat the bar to prevent the actual product from sticking 
  • Crispy: They have tidbits of crisps inside the bar so you do get a slight crunch, but don't expect it to be like you're biting into rice krispies treats bars
  • Salty finish: I barely tasted the salt, but enough saltiness was there to taste just a hint of it
  • Energy: I am always fatigued and looking for energy, but this bar didn't give me what coffee would, and I didn't expect it to, but I thought to mention that in case some of you want an actual energy boost. The energy you feel is simply by having food in your stomach
  • Feeling full and satisfied: This will be from a biased point of view since I get hungry every 3-4 hours. So this absolutely can not be a meal replacement for me. This has been eaten as a snack between early breakfast and lunch. It helps hold me off between those hours, but that's about it.
Additional comments I have about this bar:

  • This caramel is really just like what you'd see in any protein bar. Not real caramel. The flavor isn't strong but isn't weak either. It's got this slightly artificial caramel taste to it rather than you feeling like you're eating real caramel. To me, that's expected from a bar that doesn't actually have caramel.
  • It has the same consistency as most protein bars. Slightly powdery/chalky/dry rather than moist like chewy granola bars. Don't get me wrong, that isn't necessarily bad, but thought to tell you in case you were expecting some dream chewy bar for a protein bar.
  • The size of the bar is quite thin, but long, which is fine. Don't just expect a thick bar you'd find in the cereal and granola bar aisle.
  • Tastes good, but I'm not blown away
  • Expensive. $6 for a box of 5 at Target, but at my local organic grocery store it costs $2.50 per bar alone. However this is less expensive compared to some other protein bars.
  • I appreciate the 10g protein and 5g fiber and that this is low calorie for a protein bar. Most ones I see are 250-350 calories per bar. This is 150 calories as stated.

Would I repurchase? 

I don't think I will. Not because it's a terrible product. But because I feel it tastes average. But maybe I'm just expecting too much from a protein bar that more or less tastes like this from my experience. I read the description on the box while at Target and gave the bar the benefit of the doubt that it will taste better than other protein bars I've tried, but really, it's more or less the same. 

Here are two pictures of the product:

 photo thinkthinbar1_zpsf1ee6e49.jpg

 photo thinkthinbar2_zps0dec2b8f.jpg

Have any of you tasted this bar before? What are your thoughts on it? Do you agree or disagree with me? What are some other protein bars you have tried and tested that you would recommend?

See y'all in my next post!

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